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With its stunning scenery, colourful history and unique buildings its no wonder that Scotland has been the setting and inspiration for many great movies and TV series over the years.

I always point out movie locations when on tour but I can devise a tour to your favourite film sites. Films either about Scotland or which where filmed in Scotland include;

  • Skyfall,
  • Prometheus,
  • The Eagle,
  • World War Z,
  • Rob Roy,
  • Monty Pthyon and the Holy Grail,
  • Harry Potter,
  • Highlander,
  • Brave,
  • Local Hero,
  • The 39 Steps,
  • Chariots of Fire,
  • The Wicker Man,
  • Trainspotting,
  • Casino Royale,
  • Entrapment,
  • GrayStoke - The Legend of Tarzan,
  • Hamlet,
  • Mrs Brown,
  • Flash Gordon,
  • Shallow Grave,
  • Whisky Galore
  • The Da Vinci Code

TV series include Monarch of the Glen, Hamish MacBeth, Balamory and Outlander tours.

Glencoe, used in the filming of
Dunnotar castle as featured in Hamlet
The beach at Morar used in Local Hero
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